Helping US students expand their horizons content

Helping US students expand their horizons

The Directors of the University of the Highlands and Islands Scotland Foundation are keen to help US citizens expand their horizons – where better to study history, archaeology, Gaelic, music and culture as well as engineering, sciences and the environment, than UHI.

We have set up a scholarship fund to encourage and support US citizens and are initially offering two scholarships of $2,000 each for US citizens intending to undertake undergraduate study for at least one academic session (two consecutive semesters) at UHI in Scotland.

The scholarships shall be awarded as a one-off payment on confirmation of enrollment by the student at UHI.  Any one student may receive only one such scholarship.

Award of a scholarship shall be based on a combination (equally weighted) of academic merit and on a statement (of no more than 500 words) submitted by the student providing his/her reasons for wishing to study at the University of the Highlands and Islands.  To find out more about the applications process, please contact

Directors shall not be obliged to award all or any of the scholarships available in any year if no suitable candidate(s) is/are identified.

Please support this exciting initiative and provide for future generations.